Wamoc company

واموک or Wamoc stands for "We are magical of creatives," which means we are creative wizards that have been established as a company. Wamoc is a company about computer graphics. Wamoc is an international company that can meet all the needs of a nonprofit project. Other services, such as Internet markets, are designed. The company is located in Ahvaz, Khuzestan province and Iran.

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Design team

We have new design team to solve your branding problem.

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Wamoc O TV

Wamoc O TV is the newest product of our company. It broadcast every movies you like to watch.

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Wamoc apps

Wamoc apps are the fastest way to complete your peyment. The apps are results of the websites.

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We are the new brand!

We have big idea's for future...
We think bigger than every companies in the world such as : envato and more...
Every project for

After effects (ae), Photoshop actions (ATN), Objects (obj) and sounds effects (mp3,wav,...)

Organized store

We love to be neat because we are very Obsessive about our work.

Every were

Don't worry about your buy's you can access them any time and any were by your phone, tablet, laptop or PC!

RE-New network

Wamoc RE-New network is the way to order the newest project!

Newest projects

We think you like to have the new and the best quality projects to grow your brand. so we try to be active every time for you!

Love you

We help you about life time.
our support time is active 24/7 hours in week to help you to solve your problems.

The best way to show your Brand!

Every were

Just sign in to your Wamoc account in the store and download your before buy's!


Of course you can Customizable your projects. But you can edit yours only in programs of computers not your tablet or phone!

The first part of GOT is coming!

Come one go to the TV Now!

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Online TV, Store, Muzik, and

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