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The company of life - Ali molaei
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MimboJumbo is our Trusted company of Luxor series games!

Before we start the Wamoc holding the Alireza ayoubi was work in the envato market at home but the Sanctions,He prevented his work. Alireza after one year start the wamoc company and select the Slogan called " we are magical of creatives"That's the abbreviation of "wamoc"

When we start?

We start the holding at 16th day of Bahman month in 1396 sun calendar.

We are watching the future!

Come with us and see the future!
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The work we love

We love graphics and talking with our customer. We wake up every day to start a new day with our life, I mean wamoc company. We love to grow them and create good moments with our friends.

Over 2 years experience

We stay more and more...

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We don't have any fine tuning because we are now stay and want to tell you more story.