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We trust the WEBFLOW website builder because it has very good service and we love to have the best quality of our service.

Alireza ayoubi
Owner of the Wamoc company

The Wamoc company is the best About the Advertising services.

Jonathon Black

More about Pricing Plans

Do you want to know about our service plans?
Advertising in the social media "wamoc's social media"
500,000 ir rials
every month

Everyone knows the best way to show your company services is the internet place because you can edit them every time , cash back, and every thing you can think!

  • Edit your ads every time
  • Cash back in 7 days
  • 24/7 support
  • Auto replace new content
  • ADS Reportage
  • ADS In Wamoc suggestions
Get it now
Videos in video holder of wamoc o tv
10,000 ir rials to 30,000,000 ir rials

Wamoc O TV is the Online TV service and it offers a good place to show your ADS

  • High quality video
  • Good video location
  • Support 24/7
  • ADS Reportage or Video ADS
  • Replace the new contents of repotage for free
  • Set your logo in our trust company (only by the peyment 30,000,000 IR Rials)

Grow your company by

Hand made videos, Typed reportage, Take your brand photos, and more things you know.
Social medias

Instagram, Telegram channel, twitter post and more you can order one of you like or order all of them with the good discount!

Video holder

In Wamoc O TV we have a video holder to place your video for a month. You can use your ADS in our Youtube page too with the same price.

All is well

Cartoon, manipulation, Typography. All of them you can use to show your brand and you don't have limit in your creativity.


Reportage is a blog post and its Permanent and you can earn money by order one of this package. You need to write your reportage by your self. If you want to type your note in our company by our selves you need to spend more money because it's not free.


Wamoc is the best site of ADS . Show your company works to every one you know.

Don't need to come here!

Just order yours and wait to call . We send you a gate way to send money for us to start the process of creating ADS you select.

Our new book is coming soon!

The sky in your eyes.

The book is about the history of all countries and the fun points of them. Included the image and good notes.
The book is only in English language and written by Alireza ayoubi (the owner of Wamoc company)
Coming soon in this site

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